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Conference Program

Charting New Frontiers in Pharmacy Knowledge

Embark on a transformative three-day journey at PSA24, where we converge to redefine the parameters of pharmacy expertise. Our program is meticulously designed to cater to the evolving needs of pharmacists in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape. This year, we delve deeper, aiming not just to inform but to empower every pharmacist with practical, actionable knowledge. 

Diverse Sessions, Unified Goal 

Our extensive array of interactive and engaging sessions is carefully curated to cover a wide spectrum of therapeutic and clinical topics. From the intricacies of advanced clinical practice to the nuances of emerging roles in primary care, each session is a step forward in your professional journey. Hear from a lineup of specialist and expert speakers, each a leader in their field, as they unpack the latest developments, policies, and practice changes with clarity and depth. 


Learning That Transcends Boundaries 

At PSA24, education extends beyond traditional lectures. Engage in hands-on workshops, participate in thought-provoking panel discussions, and immerse yourself in case study analyses. Our sessions are designed to be interactive, ensuring you not only gain knowledge but also the confidence to apply it in your day-to-day practice. 


A Convergence of Minds 

PSA24 recognises the power of connections. Our social functions are more than just events; they are opportunities to share experiences and forge lasting relationships with peers. From casual meet-and-greets to structured networking sessions, every interaction is a chance to collaborate and grow. 


Staying Ahead with Policy and Advocacy 

In a profession directly impacted by policy decisions, staying informed is key. Join us as we discuss key policy issues and advocacy efforts led by PSA. These sessions are crucial for understanding how your role as a pharmacist is evolving and how you can be an active participant in shaping the future of pharmacy. 


Innovation and Research 

In collaboration with APSA and through initiatives like our 'Pharmacy Shark Tank' event, we bring you the cutting edge of pharmacy research. These sessions are a window into the future, showcasing innovative projects and research that are set to revolutionise pharmacy practice. 

Learning, Growing and Leading Together

At PSA24, every session, every speaker, and every conversation is part of a larger tapestry of learning and growth.


Join us in this journey of professional excellence and become a part of the movement shaping the future of pharmacy in Australia. 

Day One





PSA24 Sessions

Opening Plenary & Excellence Awards


Policy Panels

Pharmacy Shark Tank

PSOTY Grand Final


Welcome Reception


ECP Party

Speakers will be announced as they are confirmed


Day Two



Members Breakfast 




Education Sessions

Opening plenary and Awards

APSA Research

+ 3 streams of education


Gala Dinner

Day Three



Education Sessions

3 streams of education


Closing Plenary 

APSA poster & paper awards



+ 3 workshops to choose from

NOTE:  No trade exhibition on Sunday

Schedule subject to change 

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