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Funding for Rural & Remote Pharmacists

Bridging the Distance

Health Workforce Scholarship Program (HWSP) 

This Australian Government initiative, administered in NSW by the NSW Rural Doctors Network, offers scholarships and bursaries to health professionals in rural and remote Australia. It aims to enhance skills, capacity, and scope of practice across various health fields, including pharmacy. HWSP supports attendance at relevant educational events, including PSA24. Learn more about this funding opportunity here


Rural Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Allowance 

Specifically designed for pharmacists from regional, rural, and remote areas, this allowance facilitates access to CPD activities by providing financial support for travel and accommodation. Eligibility includes practicing or intern pharmacists, or those preparing to re-enter the workforce in Modified Monash (MM) Category 3 to 7 locations. Recipients receive a Certificate of Attendance and can obtain evidence of Group 2 program activities from their PSA account. Discover more about this funding opportunity here

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