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A Sustainable Future at the Heart of Sydney

International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC): 

Welcome to the ICC Sydney, the prestigious new venue for PSA24, nestled in the vibrant Darling Harbour. Here, we're not just hosting a conference; we're fostering a future where innovation meets sustainability.

State-of-the-Art Facilities Meet Environmental Consciousness

Experience PSA24 in a venue that resonates with our theme of progress. The ICC Sydney boasts cutting-edge facilities, including a magnificent auditorium for plenary sessions and an expansive trade exhibition hall, all designed to offer an enhanced conference experience while embracing eco-friendly practices.

Stay in Style: Partner Hotels with Special Rates


Novotel Sydney Darling Harbour

Just a stone's throw away from the ICC, enjoy special rates from $350 per room per night. Immerse yourself in the city's heart during the conference. Available for bookings over the nights of 1-4 August 2023, until sold out. 

Oaks Sydney Goldsbrough Suites

Just a short walk from the ICC, Oaks are offering various accommodation options from just $244.00 per night.  Available for bookings from 1-4 August 2024.

Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour

You couldn't be closer selecting to stay at the luxurious Sofitel. With rooms priced at $450.00 you will be staying next door to the PSA24 venue. This beautiful hotel provides incredible views, and the luxury and service you would expect from this 5 star property.

PARKROYAL Darling Harbour

Rooms are on offer for $310 per night for PSA24 guests. Located behind the Cockle Bay precinct at Darling Harbour about a 10 minute walk from the ICC Sydney.

Vibe Hotel Sydney Darling Harbour

Enjoy a lovely morning stroll through Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour to PSA24 when you stay at Vibe, with rooms priced at $319. Available for bookings over the nights of 1-3 August 2024.  

Seamless Booking Experience


Book your PSA24 registration now and receive a special link in your confirmation email for hassle-free hotel reservations.


Note: Reservations and payments are managed directly by the hotels.

Sidney Cityscape

PSA24's Commitment to Sustainability

Reduction and Recycling Initiatives

At PSA24, we're dedicated to minimising our environmental footprint. We've collaborated with the ICC to implement sustainable practices:

· Meals served on standard crockery with silver utensils, reducing disposables.

· Recyclable packaging for conference items.

· Availability of recyclable water bottles and refill stations.

· Encouragement to use personal reusable water bottles and keep cups.

Eco-Friendly Merchandise and Exhibitor Guidelines

All PSA merchandise at the event is made from recyclable and/or biodegradable materials. Exhibitors are urged to:

· Choose sustainable packaging materials.

· Adopt minimalist designs to reduce waste.

· Utilise reusable or recyclable packaging.

Digital-First Approach

Embracing technology, all conference information, including social events, will be accessible via the PSA24 app, significantly reducing the need for printed materials.

Venue - ICC Sydney

International Convention Centre Sydney Sustainability Policy:


ICC Sydney is committed to best practice environmental sustainability through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. Our aim is to minimise the potential for negative environmental impact and provide a positive social contribution. To assist in this commitment, ICC Sydney has implemented environmental sustainability systems in line with international standard ISO14001 and EarthCheck criteria. This policy has been developed for our venue to support the commitments of the ASM Global Environmental Policy.

ICC Sydney is an integrated venue located at Darling Harbour in Sydney catering to local, national and international clients. ICC Sydney comprises a Convention Centre, Exhibition Centre and Theatre. The sustainability system covers the management, operation, marketing and promotion of the International Convention Centre Sydney including provision of integrated event management services and support services. ICC Sydney operates its own internal food and beverage facilities covering event and retail services, the environmental system does not cover the activities undertaken by independently operated retail food and beverage outlets.

ICC Sydney strives to limit environmental impact by committing to; minimising pollution, the sustainable use of resources including energy and water, and to minimising waste generated as a result of our activities. We are committed to providing local employment opportunities and contributing to the NSW economy through the procurement of local goods and services. Sustainability criteria including environmental performance, modern slavery commitments and fair trade principles are central to our purchasing decisions. We aim to comply with all applicable environmental and sustainability legislation and other requirements.

ICC Sydney is committed to monitoring and measuring its environmental performance to drive continual improvement. This includes annual monitoring and reporting through the 1Earth program and EarthCheck performance benchmarking. In order to achieve our objectives, ICC Sydney has provided resources including facilities, equipment and dedicated personnel to champion our CSR initiatives. ICC Sydney actively engages with stakeholders including our employees, clients, contractors, suppliers, government and industry partners in order to deliver the best sustainability outcomes.

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